Welpen Planung

Wir planen eine Wurf mit Aimee und Asim

Info unter golden(at)silberbruennl.de

geplante Paarung:
Fellowhunter Aimee und Asim vom Silberbruennl

Infos unter golden(at)silberbruennl.de

Eine Antwort auf „Welpen Planung“

  1. Greetings,
    We are very happy to have found you!

    We live in the Netherlands and are interested in adding a ‚work line/field line‘ (reddish) male Golden Retriever back into our family, ideally in late July or early August, 2020. ​

    A male from your expected litter from Fellowhunter Aimee und Asim vom Silberbruennl would be perfect for us.

    We have had red, work line Goldens for the last 20+ years, both dogs coming from the USA. We sadly must say goodbye to our beloved Hugo next week (due to cancer).

    We do not have any children and therefore devote much of our free time to our canine companions. We are both teachers, and while we do not use our dogs to hunt, we keep them actively engaged through travel, exercise, and sports (I am an ex-professional athlete and Physical Education teacher/coach, my wife a school Librarian.)

    Our Hugo came from a championship bloodline and is extremely intelligent and athletic. We are very anxious to find a worthy successor, who possess those traits, along with good health/hips/eyes/genetics. A male puppy from Fellowhunter Aimee und Asim vom Silberbruennl would certainly meet our needs.

    We know that making arrangements to acquire one of your dogs would greatly assist us in our sadness.

    Please let us know how we go about reserving, paying a deposit for a male from this expected litter.

    Thank you.

    Mike & Heather

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